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Can America still find redemption before it’s too late?

Every day I wake up to news highlighting the widening split between Americans. The news tells of acts of racial violence; demonization of others; statements that this group or that group isn’t really American; and a retreat toward the comfort of racial and social identity groups at the expense of our common identity. Worse, this discourse and the growing hatred isn’t just contained to the media, but is represented in the comments we leave online, the things we say to one another in public, and the increasing acts of violence committed against groups we don’t identify with. As I see these events play out, watch as they increase in frequency, and notice how our rhetoric has become more and more violent in nature, I see only one outcome for our future as a country if we do not work together to find redemption: open violence, death, and destruction that will engulf our wives, our husbands, our sons, daughters and friends.

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10 years ago, I gave up making new year’s resolutions. It wasn’t a conscious act nor an act of rebellion, as it is for some people, against an arbitrary date measuring when the earth has successfully made it around the sun again. On the contrary, for me, I’ve always cherished opportunities to reflect on who I am and who I’m becoming. Instead, I gave up new years resolutions because I developed something that worked better for me and that I think, might work better for you too.

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